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Maintenance and repair of Lindr dispensers

In Todocerveza we do the service of maintenance and repair of PYGMY and KONTAKT dispensers. Ask for a quote at 655517623.

Basic rules for cleaning and disinfecting beer dispensers

ATTENTION! When disinfecting the cooling, it must always be switched off and the water flowed through the drinking circuit at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.
  • After each use, run the water through the drink circuit in the cooler, to facilitate cleaning use a cleaning adapter according to the type of head.
  • Once every two months or around 10 uses, we recommend that the cooler be chemically disinfected.
  • You can do the disinfectant yourself using a cleaning barrel and a disinfectant solution.
  • Every 2 months it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the condenser. Any dirt must be removed with air pressure or manually. Otherwise the cooling capacity will be reduced or the cooler may be damaged.
  • It is recommended to clean the stainless steel surface with a disinfectant for metals, glass and mirrors.

Cleaning with water and cleaning adapter

  1. Connect the cleaning adapter to the water supply hose with a ½ "hose.
  2. When the beer keg runs out, connect the head to the cleaning adapter.
  3. Turn off the cooling of the dispenser and regulate the water tap to a temperature below 30 ° C.
  4. Open the faucet of the dispenser and wait for the clean water to come out (all waste is removed).

Chemical cleaning with the cleaning kit

  1. Prepare the cleaning kit
  2. Unscrew the head of the cleaning barrel, pour the diluted disinfectant solution in the prescribed proportion (usually 1:80).
  3. Screw your head into the cleaning barrel, connect the head and press it in the same way as when you connect a keg of beer.
  4. Turn off the cooling of the dispenser, open the faucet of the dispenser and wait for the remains of beer pushed out by the disinfectant solution.
  5. Let the solution take effect for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, disconnect the spindle. Insert a cleaning ball into the hose behind the head and pass it through the circuit.
  6. Do not forget to remove the faucet compensator to facilitate removal of the cleaning ball.
  7. Repeat the procedure depending on the degree of contamination.
  8. Then pour into the barrel cleaning at least 5 liters of clean water and rinse the circuit.
  9. When disinfecting do not forget to disinfect the tap and the head. It is necessary to disassemble, soak in the disinfectant solution, clean and completely eliminate all residues.
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